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Sage Partner Cloud

Bringing the security, scalability and reliability of the cloud to your organization.

Reap the benefits of Cloud automation

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Modernise your organisation on the Cloud

Traditional IT systems can’t fulfil the needs of modern organisations. As your Sage Business Partner, we have experienced first-hand the forward-thinking benefits of the cloud, and we want to share these with you. The power of Sage is now available on Microsoft Azure. You can deploy your Sage products and ALL your IT applications and enjoy the flexibility and reliability that Fortune 500 companies trust.

Quick & easy fully supported migration

We make it easy for businesses using Sage products to move to the cloud with the new ‘Sage Partner Cloud’ Program. Migration is quick and easy. Access key business data anywhere and benefit from the convenience and reliability of cloud. For over 20 years, Technology Partners have been licensing, developing and supporting a wide range of clients across all sectors with Sage products. You’re in safe hands with TPL.

Your solution reimagined on the Sage Partner Cloud

It’s time for your organisation to get ahead.

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Three ways to find out more about Sage 200…

Sage 200 - 30 Day Free Trial

It’s quick and easy to start your free 30-day trial of Sage 200 Standard. It’ll come complete with demonstration data, so you can fully explore the features and functionality of the software.

Coffee Break 20 - Coffee On Sage!

This 20-minute session shows Sage 200 in action along with a live Q&A with our experts. Register, select a date that suits you, and Sage will send you a £5 coffee voucher!

Sage 200 - Video Product Tour

The Sage 200 Video Product Tour is a series of short, grouped videos covering the key topics of Productivity, Business Confidence, Work Smarter & Faster and Breakdown your Silos. Free & Easy!

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What is the Sage Partner Cloud Program?

It’s Sage Products + Microsoft Azure + Technology Partners Ltd

Sage Partner Cloud enables your organisation to deploy Sage products – and all your business software – onto the Micosoft Azure cloud platform quickly and easily. As your Sage partner, we manage your migration with Sage, support customisations, ISV integrations and other business software.

Why Sage Partner Cloud?

Many organisations see the clear benefits of cloud, but don’t wish to ‘upend’ their entire financial reporting infrastructure. That’s why Sage created the Sage Partner Cloud Program. You’ll continue to use the products you know and lve whilst benefitting from the added security, reliability, flexibility and OPEX costs of cloud.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Sage & Technology Partners have a long history with Micrsoft, and this represents a joint service offering to benefit all Sage users. Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud-computing platform that can create VMs, host ISVs, deploy third-party applications, store data, and run high performance computing workloads from anywhere at crazy-fast speeds, thanks to Azure’s world class infrastructure and technological capabilities.

Benefits of moving to the cloud


Once you select a cloud hosting service, your data is no longer on premise an dsecured by your cloud provider. To support Azure, Microsoft invests $1B+ annually in security and employs 3,500+ dedicated cybersecurity experts. This is one major reason why nearly 70% of businesses have moved their business-critical operations to the cloud.


Competitive cloud providers boast 99.99% uptime because that’s now the standard minimum requirement for any cloud provider in business in today’s cloud landscape. Moving your data to the cloud also gives you access to redundancy measures such as automatic backups and disaster recovery to protect your organisation’s data.


Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud-computing platform that can create virtual machines, host independent software vendors (ISVs), deploy thirdparty apps, store data and run high performance computing workloads. Integrate specific business needs such as payroll, global tax compliance, supply chain management and more.

Cost savings

Investing in hardware, servers and on-call IT staff can be very expensive, exacerbated by depreciation of physical equipment and ongoing maintainenance costs of own data servers. Cloud providers accommodate growth in storage needs with ease, while on-premise customers would have to invest heavily in upgrading physical infrastructure.

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      We temporarily store your data to respond to your enquiry. For full details, please see our Privacy Policy.

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