Excelerator for Sage 200 – Excel to Sage integration

Excel to Sage – Excelerator is the powerful, proven Excel add-in that creates seamless integration from Excel to Sage 200, Sage 500 and Sage 1000. With a mouse click, data is validated and updated to Sage with complete accuracy, redefining user expectations and cutting data processing costs by up to 50%.

Validation and control – Using Excel functionality for data entry, Excelerator is inherently flexible and user-friendly. However all validation and controls within Sage are maintained and applied in Excel, so the integrity of data and financial rigour are never compromised. This is a clear demonstration of how Excelerator assimilates the key advantages of both Excel and Sage.

Over the internet – If your organisation requires it, Excelerator can be internet based. This feature gives users the capability to seamlessly save data to Sage from Excel while working anywhere in the world.


  • Excel – Most of us use Excel without even thinking about it, which is precisely the point. It’s familiar, intuitive and supremely flexible: perfectly designed for autocomplete, calculations, formulas, highlighting fields, graphs and numerous other data entry tasks. Excelerator allows you to harness this familiar versatility to edit Sage accounts data without compromising Excel functionality in any way. You can edit and create new sales invoices, purchase orders, stock items and much more, using the elegant simplicity and user friendliness that is simply second nature
  • Sage – Sage accounts provides control, validation and financial rigour. It ensures that numerical calculations add up, that data has financial integrity and is correct, and that all data is contained within the right tables. Excelerator maintains all these benefits intact when you enter data into Sage from Excel and then goes further. Instead of logging errors in a file, Excelerator provides instant on screen error notifications, so you know straight away which Excel rows have caused the anomaly. This real time responsiveness saves time and increases accuracy. Excelerator is also 100% compliant with the accounting standards that Sage holds
  • Security – Because users must employ their logins to use Excelerator, they will only be able to access the areas of Sage where they have authorisation. For example if Sage 200 is used, then Sage 200 logins will also be used. In other words, security also benefits from integration
  • Integration – With a right click of the mouse on the relevant cell, you can browse and search Sage for valid account codes or other data – from Excel. Every other function is clearly accessed via the familiar Excel ribbon. It’s simple, fast and demands very little training, as every move is intuitive
  • Spreadsheet designer – Excelerator includes the user-friendly Spreadsheet Designer. This elegant, powerful function allows you to take literally any spreadsheet and convert it effortlessly into an Excelerator Template. Now you can design spreadsheets as forms that are sent to and from customers. Where a third party application has been used, an Excelerator Template can be dropped as an overlay onto the spreadsheet, allowing data to be saved directly into Sage without the need for any custom software development
  • Centralised licensing – With licences in one centralised location, you can control who uses which modules and avoid the process of licensing numerous different machines every year, because our ‘per-user’ approach means one licence for each person, covering their laptop, PC and other devices
  • Restricted user access – Delivering a level of fine control matching that provided by Sage 1000 and Sage 500, Excelerator can personalise user access from Excel to any field within Sage. For example an individual might have ‘read only’ access to a supplier’s bank details, but read and write access to address information
  • Audit Trail – With Excelerator there is an integrated platform that maintains a detailed history of ‘saves’ from Excel to Sage. This is a centralised control panel accessed via web browser that provides a clear audit trail, pinpointing who made saves, what data was involved and when the actions occurred. This time saving feature can also be used when importing from other files into Sage