Datalinx has been established for over 25 years and is recognised as the market leader in warehouse management and barcode systems for Sage. Their client base ranges from multinationals to smaller companies and they have live systems installed worldwide.

Warehouse Manager 50 – During our time supplying warehouse management systems for Sage we are regularly asked for a system that will operate with Sage 50. In our experience, a business that has grown and matured to need a warehouse management system also needs to consider the underlying business processes. Many of the compromises and issues that are experienced and which it is believed that a warehousing solution will resolve, can be achieved by linking a warehouse system to a more capable business system. With this in mind, we strongly recommend that if you have grown to need warehouse management you talk to us about how Sage 200 can be delivered to take your business to the next level. Technology Partners recommend Warehouse Manager 200 to provide warehouse optimisation and improve the efficiency of business processes.

Warehouse Manager 200 – Warehouse Manager 200 provides real-time warehouse management using wireless handhelds. It is the most flexible warehouse and inventory management system available for Sage 200 in Europe and has impressive functionalities; including batch and serial number traceability, providing a practical solution to the problem of stock taking these products which is particularly key for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Fully integrated within the Sage 200 Commercial suite, Warehouse Manager 200 is the only Sage Certified and Sage Approved warehouse management system available in the UK and Europe. Tested to be compatible with the latest Sage release, Technology Partners ensures that their customers can upgrade their Sage system as and when necessary and does not restrict them to running older versions of the Sage software.

Dynamic Stocktake
  • Warehouse continues to trade
  • Custom stock take cards
  • Blind counts
  • Batch / Serial number stock takes

·         Works order issues

·         Works order completion

·         BOM allocation / Completion

·         Job costing

Sales Order Picking

·         Guided by priority

·         Pick by physical properties

·         Unique ‘pick and hold’ facility

·         Marshall order prior to dispatch

Goods Receipt

·         Receipt against purchase orders

·         Batch numbers / BBF dates

·         Use by dates

·         Custom product labels

Transfer and warehouse operations

·         Bin to bin / Location to Location

·         Batch / Serial number traceability

·         Product code across multiple references

Project Accounting

·         Integrated to Sage Commercials

·         Job Costing

Standard stock take

·         Perpetual

stock take

·         Reconciliations

Advanced printing and labelling

·         Printing of labels

·         Easy custom designs

·         Bartender interface


Sage Line 500/1000 – Datalinx Warehouse Manager is one of the most flexible and sophisticated warehouse management systems available for the Sage system in the UK, Europe and worldwide arena. It provides real-time warehouse management using wireless handhelds with a huge list of features enabling it to adapt to your business and has more than 300 installations worldwide. As the Datalinx flagship product it has over twenty years of continuous development invested in the system and we are committed to continuing with this for our customers.

Warehouse Manager is a highly flexible package that may be used as an addition to your Sage business system to enable simple barcoding or it can be configured to become a business critical warehouse management system that will manage just about any variant of the key warehouse processes.

Stock Take

·         Perpetual stock take

·         Reconciliation

·         Enables warehouse operations to continue


·         Production receipts

·         Stock quarantine on-demand

·         Bill of materials

·         Works orders

Pack Bench

·         Confirm correct items are packed

·         Pack boxes by weight

·         Print shipping labels

Works Manager

·         Shop floor data capture

·         Work in progress tracking

·         Labour costing

·         Time and attendance

Goods Receipt

·         Purchase order receipt

·         Works order receipt

·         GRN receipt

·         Transfers & rejects


·         Transfers

·         Batch traceability

·         Serial number traceability

·         Barcode labelling

Sales Order Picking

·         Guided by priority

·         Pick by physical properties

·         Pick by value

·         Logistics and Transport

Put Away

·         Guided put away

·         Location and zone put away

·         Physical properties put away

·         Operational rules put away


Mobile Solutions – The Datalinx Proof of Delivery system utilises the latest in handheld and tablet technology typically used by a delivery van driver, providing them with the ability to record signed confirmation of product delivery, collect and process the return of product and add items to client orders whilst on-site. The Datalinx POD manager enables you to “Take Sage Mobile”. As with all the applications from Datalinx, the POD system has been developed and created to be an integral part of the Sage application and an extension to the central business system.

Core System Functionality

  • Proof of delivery with signature capture
  • Delivery notes printed on demand
  • Returns – collection and processing
  • Invoicing of complete deliveries
  • Payment collection
  • Delivery up-sell