Document Management


Developed specifically for the finance department, V1’s expertise in document management and imaging can support your organisation by enabling:

  • Document archiving
  • Automated data capture
  • Document authorisation
  • Output management

The tailored document management solutions enable your business processes to work swiftly and efficiently, with a measurable impact on the bottom line. The document management solutions integrate seamlessly into all major accounting and ERP systems including Sage, Agresso, Advanced Business Solutions, Coda, Infor, Syspro, Oracle and many more.

Accounts Payable – Using our wealth of expertise in software development and business processes, we work with organisations in the public and private sectors to remove the challenges posed by paper-based working. By using our automated document management and imaging solutions, organisations are assured of greater control, visibility and compliance.

Accounts Receivable – Using paper-based financial processes is time-consuming, costly and requires extensive storage space, which can pose a security risk. Our customers are increasingly seeing the benefits of switching to an automated document management and imaging solutions in all accounts receivable processes.

Payments – Providing highly secure and easy to use ways to pay your suppliers is crucial for any business. Using BACS-iP, the secure electronic funds transfer solution will enable you to provide a secure and efficient payment system whilst reducing administrative and management costs. Postage and handling costs are eliminated, as is expensive pre-printed cheque stationery. As a result of implementing BACS-iP, users find it much easier to negotiate increased supplier discounts because of more efficient funds transfer.

V1 Dashboard – KPI & Audit Reporting – V1 Dashboard is a real time reporting module giving visibility and control of accounts payable processes. The high level graphical display coupled with powerful drill down to detail facilitates a culture of continuous process improvement resulting in increased efficiency, reduced errors and improved supplier relationships.

HR & Payroll – The HR function is a critical part of any organisation. People are the lifeblood of your company so it’s vital you recruit and retain outstanding talent, while ensuring you comply with the latest legislation and reporting requirements. Chasing HR paperwork is time-consuming and inefficient. Having an automated system in place is essential and leaves you to focus your efforts on appointing the best people and ensuring they remain loyal and motivated.