Cloud Services

The Cloud market is growing

It’s no secret that the Cloud market is growing. In fact, a recent Gartner study found spending on public Cloud services to be growing at more than 28% per year, thus projecting total Cloud spending in 2017 to hit £163 billion.

Cloud computing will pave the way forward for how companies will deploy new IT Services.  Lower price points will help these organisations innovate faster, launch new services quicker, be more responsive to market conditions and evolve their own business models.

Cloud computing not only improves business processes and operational efficiency – it reinvents the role of IT. When aligned with organisational strategy, it can also give you a competitive edge.

Technology Partners – A Cloud services provider

Modern businesses rely on Information Communications Technology (ICT) to drive their organisational growth and innovation. At Technology Partners we are leaders in the design and implementation of Cloud solutions and data centre services including Cloud infrastructures.

Technology Partners delivers unrivalled business agility and scalability. As more and more businesses look to drive efficiencies, streamline operations and reduce overall running costs. Technology Partners cloud solutions & data centre services – including cloud storage, is designed for ultra-high availability, so your data is available for immediate retrieval.

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing in its simplest form is the process by which IT services, applications and data are delivered from a remote location such as a data centre over a network, typically the internet.

It has significant cost saving benefits through its ability to consolidate servers, increase hardware utilisation and reduce space and energy requirements while improving server security and business continuity.

So if you are looking for Cloud Solutions and Data Centre Services – including colocation or hosting, then please contact Technology Partners today – 0845 644 8770

Are you looking to run your IT on virtual servers in the cloud?

Putting your ideas into the cloud is far easier than you might think. Our servers can be scaled up or down as needed, giving you maximum flexibility, reliability and speed.

Why use Cloud Solutions and Data Centre Services?

  • Cloud Solutions & Data Centre Services save money as you don’t require a separate computer for each server
  • Cloud computing provides more flexibility than shared hosting
  • Lower cost than a dedicated server
  • Better security than shared hosting

Choose a smarter way to manage your IT with a flexible virtual server solution from Technology Partners.

Key benefits of cloud solutions & data centre services:

  • Reduction in operating costs and predictable operating expenditure
  • Management of technology complexity
  • Cost-effective multi-vendor sourcing
  • Optimised service support with defined service levels, third-party escalation and management
  • Full monitoring and management visibility
  • Rapid deployment
  • Scalability and resilience as standard