Managed Services

Deciding on whether to utilise IT services, as part of your business strategy, can be a hard decision to make. Firstly you need to decide whether or not IT services will be right for your business, in the long term and secondly decide which IT services will be better suited for your company.

Technology Partners is an end-to-end managed IT services provider that offers business IT solutions to companies across the UK.

Infrastructure Management – TP don’t just support you, but we maintain and manage your IT infrastructure. All of our customers know that we look after their businesses just like we do our own. Our services include email, firewalls, file servers, storage, networking and any cloud services. As trusted IT infrastructure service providers, we will ensure that we regularly maintain your infrastructure to ensure that it’s secure and running smoothly, we will take care of this behind the scenes – so you don’t need to worry about it.

IT Support Desk – When you have a problem and you need support, our friendly and experienced team are on hand to resolve your issue so you can get back to work. Unlike many IT helpdesk support services, we don’t hire staff to just answer the phone, log your ticket and tell you someone will phone you back, we work with you every step of the way.

24/7 Monitoring – We monitor our customers networks constantly to check their systems and security. This ensures:

  • There are no immediate threats to any of your hardware or services
  • Fewer disruptions to staff operations due to hardware of software failure
  • We are aware of complications before you and can provide solutions ahead of any major problems
  • Our technicians proactively ensure that that you know of any issues and what we are doing to resolve them