Sage Business Cloud

Let Technology Partners take your business to the next level.  We develop & integrate Sage Business Cloud for your needs and objectives, making you more productive, responsive, accessible, agile, mobile and secure.

Sage Business Cloud is a suite of online solutions for all businesses, from Start-ups to Scale-ups and Enterprise businesses. Accounting and Payroll (formerly Sage One) bridges the gap between Start-up and Scale-up, with further products available as your business grows.

There are many advantages to using Sage Business Cloud as a business.  Speed, space, user experience and disaster recovery to mention a few. You can make room in your building by ‘freeing up’ server space removing the need for costly hardware or maintenance packages.  You’ll also save on your utility bills with reduced power usage.  Security is looked after on your behalf, all this and it’s scalable so you can increase or decrease the amount of ‘cloud’ space you need at any time.

Business Management Systems in the Cloud

Have one single point of view of your data.  Whether it’s Financial, Operational, Customer Relationship Management, HR, Payroll, Payments or Banking. Let Sage Business Cloud transform your business by increasing productivity and efficiency.


Sage Business Cloud for email means you don’t need to set up and run an email server in your business. It also brings ease of access, meaning your staff can access their mail anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Sage Business Cloud File Storage

Instead of investing in another server, you can use the cloud as a ‘virtual’ server.  You can use the cloud alongside a server as a combination storage solution. The Cloud can then be used to run the software as well as storing large files and freeing up your local network.

Sage Business Cloud – Data Back Up & Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data automatically via the Cloud could be a smart move. It means you’ve got all your essential documents and files securely stored off-site, so should something happen in your office, your data will remain safe. We can also have you back up and running, so business down time is kept to a very minimum.

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