Service is our USP

Excellent Service, Great People, Sustainable Relationships

Great business solutions consists of more than just software. How is it deployed? What about training? Who will support you once you have ‘gone-live’? All of these elements are crucial to the overall success of the project. As an experienced ERP and Support company with 20 years expereince, Technology Partners Ltd has implemented thousands of solutions across a wide range of industries. Our experience will guide you every step of the way, helping you to navigate the selection, implementation and ongoing management of your new solution.

Service is our USP. We create trust and long term partnerships by:

TEAMWORK – We work collaboratively, seeking the best solution for all involved

RESPONSIBILITY – We take responsibility for delivering what we have promised

UNDERSTANDING – We listen attentively, seeking clarification and providing clear explanations

SOLUTIONS – We offer solutions that meet the needs of our customers

TRUST – We treat our customers in a professional and friendly manner

EMPATHY – We consider and respond to the feelings of our customers

DEVELOPMENT – We ensure our service knowledge and skills are up-to-date

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